About company

Technology-driven research for prominent results!
The Wanta Group mission is to help clients make their business successful providing them with high-quality data and recommendations for decision-making.
The Wanta Group slogan is Wanna? Take! If you really want to achieve remarkable results, equip yourself with the world’s most significant cutting edge technologies!
6 facts about Wanta Group
Our purpose are relationships with our clients which are build on partnership. We do not just conduct research. We go together head for results you were dreaming of and definitely achieve them due to our experience, strong team and our portfolio of unique research solutions.
In the market since 2008.
Until 2013, the basic field of expertise was raw material markets’ research. Since 2014, goods markets were also included. Since 2016 – innovative technologies.  
Forbes list clients.
Recommendations helped strengthen the business positions of companies featured in the Forbes and Fortune Global 500 lists.
ESOMAR high standards.
ESOMAR membership guarantees high quality of the provided data and recommendations. The Wanta Group General Director is an ESOMAR member.
Strong team.
70% of our staff members have more than ten years of research experience; 50% have PhDs. All the heads give lectures nationally as well as internationally.
Timely information about market.
Marketometr project tracking allows keeping up with changes of the market and get up-to-date information about consumers.
Portfolio of unique technologies.
Our partnership with the companies that develop high technologies provides you with professional recommendations within a sensible budget and deadlines.
Our recommendations are used:
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