What we do

The Wanta Group data serves to bridge the gap
between what consumers say and what they really do!
LaPiere's paradox states that people do not do what they say. This is why we ask less and observe more, when it comes to consumers’ behavior. We listen to what they discuss.
The only questions we ask, aim at reducing the effect of social approval.
How do we manage to achieve this? This is due to our combination of innovative methods and conventional surveying techniques.
Wanta Group
Geo targeting
Invitation to interview
people with a specific
Data collection
on actual
internet activity
Social media listening
Content analysis
of social media
on a specific topic
Non-verbal assessment of consumer
attitudes to the product
based on their psycho-emotional
River sampling
Invitation to a survey of people
using the Internet,
in real time
Exploring the trajectory
of moving
buyers gaze
Emotional impact test
Evaluation of the perception
of emotional coloring of the text
at a subconscious level
(24 emotions)
Virtual reality shopping
Modeling and evaluating
consumer behavior in a store
using 3D glasses (VR)
Research solutions

Business task:

Aspect of your business that needs improving:

Interaction with brand
Phone calls, retail store service quality or online purchases are touchpoints that influence the attitude towards a brand. It is essential to assess customer experience at all stages of interactions with the brand. Build the system of reception and analysis of customer feedback and improve your customer experience.
Customer loyalty
Loyal clients bring more money. Recommendations sell a brand better than advertising. But being the best at everything is impossible and not necessary. Create your priority list, choose those aspects with the highest impact on the loyalty of your clients, and work on them.
Client satisfaction is inseparably linked with service quality. Use mystery-shopping to evaluate the service quality at points of sales. Get insights to improve the personnel performance and increase your sales!
Retail audit, shelf layout testing
Even if the purchase is planned, most consumers choose the exact brand at the POS. Layout and promotional offer play an important role in creating an incentive to buy a product. Keep track of your product promotion in retailing to increase sales!
Conjoint analysis
Even seemingly small changes in your products may influence the purchasing decision. From consumer's point of view, the importance of this detail is by no means proportional to its cost of production. What you need to know is what really drives your consumers. Create an ideal balance between price and functional characteristics.
Studying prices and assortment
It is not only a good concept that predetermines the success of the product but also a competitive price. Evaluate your competitors’ assortment and pricing policy. Test your products’ distribution. Obtain valuable information concerning sales growth.
Path towards purchase
Do you want your brand to be recognized among others? You will find out where and how the purchase decision is carried out. You will figure out at which points of the consumer’s path you can affect the purchasing decision and persuade the consumer to choose your brand.
Brand visibility and perception
The brand that comes first into the consumer mind has more chances to be bought. Assess how many potential consumers are familiar with your brand. Find out what they think about your brand and your competitors. Develop an effective communication plan!
Consumer habits and attitudes
Do you want to conquer and retain the consumers? Learn about who they are, and what their living is like! Knowing consumer habits, behavioral patterns, and views of brands is essential in marketing.
Package design evaluation
A purchase decision is taken just in front of the shelf. An eye-catching and informative packaging is a strong incentive to buy the product. We will help you choose the most attractive package that meets product positioning.
Slogan evaluation
A good slogan is synonymous with the brand. It differentiates your product on the shelf and in the advertising flow. We will help you choose the best possible slogans, music tunes and other attributes to promote your brand.
Product testing
Are you working on a new product? Do you want to improve the existing one? Or do you want something that would stand out? Assess the reaction of the actual consumers to product changes before launching the production. Name evaluation
The name shapes the perception of the product and makes it stand out. The evaluation of the name is an important step to take your product to the market. Find out what is behind the name! We can help you create a vivid and a catchy brand name close to its consumer!
Concept testing
Sometimes even the most exquisite and challenging product fails. Identify weak and strong points of product positioning and functionality at the early design stages. This helps you avoid financial loss at the market entry stage.
Idea screening
If you find it hard to choose which idea is worthy of investment, just let your idea be tested by customers! Draw up a rating list. Do not spend money on concept design, if you are still not sure of what idea would be popular among consumers.
Designing new products
Creating new demand and modifying the existing one are successful strategies to penetrate the market. Let the consumer tell you what he/she wants! Cooperate with us to determine perspective directions for market development and potentially lucrative niches!
Sponsorship effectiveness
If you fail to figure out whether your sponsorship investment was justified, and whether you should repeat similar campaigns or not, we are there to help you find the measurement instrument that suits you and to answer questions on the investment effectiveness.
Tracking campaign effectiveness
Advertising campaign, though expensive, is a crucial tool in building brand identity. Do investments pay back? What changes should be made to the communication plan? We will give you the answers to these questions, and your advertisement message will reach your potential consumer at minimal cost.
Chanel choice
Choosing the right promotion channel is the key in reaching the target audience. Promotional campaign complex research or a customer-specific project can help you choose effective communication channels.
Loyalty program potential
Loyalty programs are an integral part of retail. Seemingly small details can significantly efforts to retain customer and increase customer loyalty. Are the program conditions appropriate? Is the card design good enough? Assess all the aspects of your program together with us!
Promotional material testing
Every second of the video commercial, as well as the position of each detail on a glossy paper affects the advertising budget. Each video frame and image should support your promotional strategy. Test your marketing materials before launching the promotional campaign to make your advertising effective!
Concepts, storyboards and animatics testing
An effective video should not only be creative and capturing; it should reflect the brand, be of interest to the customer and evoke desire to buy the product. Test your concepts before making the video commercial. Get new ideas! Together with us your creative team will deliver a truly effective product.
Competitive analysis
Information about the competitive environment describes market and distribution. It triggers further development and feeds creativity. Evaluate your market position and get rewarded by faster growth.
Identify your target audience, its needs and media behavior to meet the consumer expectations, or even more – to exceed them. Our customer segmentation study provides you with information you need for successful positioning and brand promotion.
Psychographics, values, lifestyles
The success of so-called superbrands is based on to vivid and emotional images that penetrate the subconscious. The core of these images are consumers’ values. Get to know what consumers’ lifes and thoughts are filled with. And your brand will be the most desirable!
Consumer habits and preferences
Consumers are drowning in a sea of products and brands. It is not only important to attract consumers' attention but to retain it, keeping them from switching brands. Keep up with consumer preferences and be aware of attitudes towards you brand!
Finding segments and niches
Do you have or are you looking for new product ideas? Do you need to assess the regional market saturation or to decide on market entry? Let the consumer give the answers to these questions. Define perspective directions of development and potentially profitable niches together with us!
Market share and forecast
Competitive environment analysis Are you planning a promotion strategy, extending the product line or just pondering over your future development? Get the most reliable information about the market and your competitive positioning to make vital decisions.
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